Salkantay Trail 4d/3n

by: , USA -
August 11, 2014

Note: Alternate titles include "The Raultimate Adventure" and "No, I seriously want more Lomo Saltado"

In seriousness, the trip was well managed and expertly led by Raul Coronel. Like Odysseus, we were far from home when we embarked on the quest. We also had very little Wi-Fi, so Homer would have had a field day with this voyage.

The trip features an authentic experience of the wilderness and excellent cooking that still makes you feel as though you are at home. The hiking is difficult but rewarding, and take your time to look at the condors and other animals around the trail. Be careful not to eat the mushrooms, although I promise a significantly more vivid experience of the mountains.

Our group on this trip was excellent and bonded extremely quickly. The early wake up times are initially tough but your body adjusts. Sacrifice all dogs you find on the trail; they are not man's best friend (especially as you try to catch some shut eye).

Ultimately, would do again. Recommend highly.

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