Salkantay trek

by: , CANADIAN -
May 20, 2014

We did the five day Salkantay trek.

The first night was a little chilly but the location was beautiful, with stunning views of the mountains and an amazing sky to gaze at when the lights go out.

The second day was by far the hardest part of the trip hiking nearly 20 km. Around 8 km of which was uphill. However there is the option of renting a horse for 100s, which takes you to the top. 4600 meters high gave me some altitude sickness so I know realize I should have listened to the online reports and stayed in Cuzco longer!!

We did a little Inca ceremony at the top as well which was nice, our guide Richard made us all feel like family. Second night was a lot warmer as it's a lot lower, altitude wise. Got to see some condors as well which was pretty neat!!!

Third day I was pretty sore from the day before and the rain didn't help either, however knowing that toughing it through will get me to the amazing hot springs made it somewhat "easier". Got to the hot springs around 3:30 and stayed there for a few well deserved hours of relaxation. Then got to a cool little place that had a nice bonfire and bar to sleep.

Woke up the fourth morning with some nice warm tea again and a slight hangover from the night before. Went and did some zip lining which was pretty fun for an extra 90s and then walked for another 3 and a half hours to the really cool little town Aguas Calientes. Having dinner right now and getting excited for the big day tomorrow!!

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