by: , CANADIAN -
May 20, 2014

My Machu Picchu experience was amazing, very tough, but amazing. Day one, the walk was beautiful and it was fun getting to know everyone. Day two, I took a horse to the top where we did the ceremony. It was lots of fun. The walk down was very tough and long but once I arrived I felt great! Day three, was very fun walking in the rain, so cold! It was great when we arrived at the hot springs, they were very cool! The base camp was lots of fun. Day four, was great, the zip lines were lots of fun, the walk was very neat, seeing Machu Picchu from the distance, the town is very nice as well. Day five, I am sure will be out of this world, I cannot wait to see the amazing Machu Picchu. All the long hard days were worth it. Thank you so much.

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