Salkantay with Mr. Victor Victoria

by: , Sweden -
November 07, 2014

I looked at the Internet reviews before I went on this trip and I'm pleasantly surprised ! It said something about the track being too hard and stuffs but I don't think that at all. It's probably just the second or third day that's somewhat hard otherwise it's pretty easy and (sorry) but there are a lot of getting around in the car the 4th day.

Otherwise the trip has been fantastic and if you get Victor as a guide you should be feeling lucky ! He was the absolutely best guide you could get and his assistant, Martin, as well you will never feel sad or alone. Victor, if you read this, I want you to know that you were the absolute best person and guide I have ever met ! Hope you will do more adrenaline adventures like the zip lining.

Overall, this tour gets 9/10 because of the boring car rides under the 4th day. Keep up the good work and if you book this, ask to get Victor as your guide !

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