The Mescla family of Salkantay

by: , United States of America -
November 07, 2014

The orientation for the trek left me a little confused, with the plans for the day unknown, and only two others there. So I was surprised when I stepped into the bus the first morning and ten other people piled on, of all different ages and nationalities. Our guides Victor and Martin told us from the beginning that we were a family, and that is what we quickly became. Through the beautiful and tough hikes, we all helped each other continue, and kept in a pack.

The hike was beautiful, although I did not enjoy how it was fragmented, with many trips in cars. I was the only one who hiked the last day, as zip lining was offered, which we were not informed of. The people and staff were amazing, the camping sites (besides first night) and sleeping bags could have been better.

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