Solpayki – Gracias

by: , US -
March 18, 2014

I am just getting back to work but will never forget the memories of my trip to Machu Picchu with Inca Trail Reservations .

It was so well run, organized and informative. Our guides were a great wealth of information about all the ruins. They spoke english well and were happy to answer any questions. Raoul knew when to push us on and when to break. We were good about having carefully explained meeting points to regroup at least every 2 hours. No one worried about being left behind. The degree of difficulty for the day was not exaggerated nor down played. The attitude as hard to adjust to but physically I found the hike to be reasonable.

The cook did a fantastic job with 3 hot meals a day. We had cups of tea brought to our tents on the early mornings, we even had hot pancakes for breakfast one day. I never worried about getting enough protein as a vegetarian. There was always a good option. We had 'happy hour' with popcorn and hot drinks every night. Plenty of water and snacks.

Hats off to the Porters! They worked very hard carrying our tents. Friendly and happy to help me practice Spanish or Quechua. Make sure you bring some tip money for them - they earn it!

Thanks again to Inca Trail Reservations for making a dream come true.

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