The Inca Trail

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March 20, 2014

The trip started off well with the pick up van arriving right on time at 5.30am in front of our hostel. Our tour leader Gerson was there in the van to meet us and help load our luggage onto the roof. Once everyone was picked up Gerson started informing us of what was ahead for the day.

We stopped for breakfast in a small town only half an away from where we started the Inca Trail and were given plenty of time to stock up on supplies. Once we arrived at the start of the trail both the leaders Gerson and Jimmy were very helpful in showing us how to attach our sleeping bags and sleeping mats to our backpacks in the most comfortable way.

During the walk Gerson showed great knowledge of the trail in telling us exactly how long we would be either hiking up hill, down, or ungelating. He also gave detailed description of the Inca ruins we passed along the way. The food at breakfast, lunch and dinner was all excellent, there was never any shortage of food or water and on the second day the chef even provided some snacks for us to eat along the way.

The equipment supplied was all in great condition, the sleeping bags were clean and very warm, and the tents were clean and completely water proof. The entire team of chefs, guides, and porters were all very helpful and professional at all times.

Gerson was more than happy to answer any question and always did his best to give as much information as possible about everything to do with the Incas and the Inca Trail.

I would highly recommend doing your Inca Trail experience with Inca Trail Reservations , myself and everyone else on the tour had a great time!

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