Stairway to Heaven

by: , USA -
January 15, 2014

Committing to complete the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is like serious commitment….the proof that when you vow to accomplish something, and you pour every ounce of your energy into it, you will preserver and it will be worth it. This trek was a life changing experience. Ramiro, our guide, was our fearless leader the entire week, pushing us and encouraging us when we needed it, and hugging and hi-fiving us, when we made it to the end of each day. Our porters and chef (Fabian) were the most welcoming group of people. They managed to carry loads on their backs, taking the trail at twice the speed as us, and then to have camp set up by the time we arrived, was like a dream. These guys work harder than anyone I have ever seen, and all the while doing so with a smile on their face. What I think makes this a truly special experience, is the bond and relationships that are formed between the group. On the first day, you find yourself immersed with a group of strangers from all over the world, with whom you are on a first name basis by breakfast. Then suddenly through the struggles a triumphs of each days trek, I found myself getting to know each group member in a special way, as we had all just survived the day together. By the end of the trek, the group has a bond that is unbreakable. We laugh together, cry together, share the most victorious of beers together and have made a strand of connected friendships for life. Each and every step taken on this journey, was just leading us one step closer to the most heavenly sight to see. Machu Picchu was worth every grueling step!

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