The fight to the top

by: , Danish -
October 29, 2015

To sum It all up the trip was amazing. The first day started out good, the weather was nice, no rain, and the trek was relatively easy.

The second day though was way harder. It started out good, but after 45 minutes It got harder. Good with a few breaks once in a while. The weather was also with us, even though It was misty and foggy It did not rain. Juan Carlos the Guide even encouraged you to keep going when It was getting tough.

The third was the best walking day. You enter the original inca road, which is amazing, and the views are spectacular. The last day We agreed with the group to wake up an hour earlier, so that We might reach the Sun Gate as the first persons. Which luckily succeded for two of us.

The day got a little worst, since It started raining, but It couldn't contain us from enjoying Machu Picchu, which was the most amazing thing from the trip. Even though We fought to get to Machu Picchu, It was all worth It in the end.

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