heaven on earth

by: , Danish -
October 29, 2015

I really enjoyed the trip to Machu Picchu. The first day was nice and easy, getting to know the group and the guide. the second day was no easy day though.

Walking uphill for 4 hours is no joke. But the feeling in your body afterwards is awesome. Being at the top of the dead wemans pass makes you realize what you've just accomplished. Then in the evening to drink rum with th group was definitely a nice way to relax your body for the next day.

The third day was for me the highlight of the Inca Trail , apart from Machu Picchu itself, due to us walking on the real inca trail. That was for me one of the most amazing things i've ever done. The nature and the authentic feeling is just breathtaking. Waking up on the last day is a bitch, but getting to the top of the sungate was amazing.

Even though it started pouring down just a few minutes later. Seeing Machu Picchu in rain wasn't all that great, but when the sun came out, the view was definitely heaven on earth!

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