the Inca trail trek through Inca Trails Reservations

by: , USA -
December 12, 2012

My experience during the Inca Trail trek through Inca Trails Reservations was wonderful.

They really did a great job ensuring that we had tasty meals, proper sleeping accommodations, and were informed about the different ruins we were seeing along the way. Right off the bat, they did a great job of coordinating with me since I wasn’t in Peru yet and needed to figure out minor details such as pick ups and drop offs. I worked with Jessica via email and she was very prompt and helpful during the whole planning period. Our tour guide, Victor, was really great. He was extremely enthusiastic and extremely encouraging when the hike became tough. I became ill during the trip for about two days and he was always checking in on me and encouraging me as I made my way slowly up the Andean hills. He taught us new words in Quechua along the way which was also a lot of fun.

We had wonderful weather when we finally reached Machu Picchu which made the experience even more worth is and we were able to take some great photos. The trek was testing, especially when I became ill, but overall I loved every minute of it and I highly recommend it to anyone. Something I really appreciated was the ceremony we had the last night for the porters where we got to meet all of them, hear their age and give them praise for their hard work.

The amount of effort they put into these trips is astounding and they really made the trip a lot easier on us. Therefore it was wonderful to show our appreciation for them. All in all, it was an experience I will never forget!

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