The Inca Trail: yes we did !!

by: , Dutch -
July 11, 2014

Our 4 days Inca Trail with Inca Trail Reservations were amazing! Everything was well arranged. Already before it started. We got a lot of information and there was always space for questions, so we could prepare ourselves good. We had a very nice guide. The briefing was very complete and he had a lot of knowledge about history and nature. He also took care about us, when we were slower or felt not ok.

We had a really nice group, it felt like a real family. It's really cozy when you have diner or tea together. The food was also really good. We also got snacks for if we were hungry during walking. The porters are amazing! It's really impressive what they do for you. It felt like a 5 star hotel. The tents, sleeping bag, mats and sticks were in very good condition.

The first day was a nice beginning, with beautiful nature, but not heavy at all. The second day was the hardest, but it's so beautiful there, it's worth it. And if you make it to the pass, it's such a nice feeling! The third day was not so hard, but not easy, but it was the day with the most beautiful sights. You see mountains, Inca ruins, but also rainforest. The fourth day is short. It's a very early wake up and then finally you see Machu Picchu at the Sun Gate! That's a great feeling! It was an amazing experience, thanks to Inca Trail Reservations!!

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