Inca Trail with Ramiro

by: , Dutch -
July 11, 2014

The day before we left , we had a briefing with our guide Ramiro. He told us every part about the trail, so we were ready to participate. Next day it was time to go, or "vamos"!. The first day was nice walking in the lower parts of the mountains, like a good warming up. We had a great group with 4 other very nice persons. Before nightfall we start climbing a little before we arrived to campsite. There we had dinner, which was very tasty.

Next morning was serious business, because second day was hardest. And it was. Thanks to Ramiro and our own courage we made it to the top. We were really exhausted all the time as we went higher and higher. But what gave us also courage, was the fact that the porters ran all the way up. Really astonished about their strength. Every time we made it to campsite, they were already there and completed our camp. We were really tired after second day, but the porters had energy to cook a very nice dinner.

The next and third day was less harder, but really amazing, never saw such beautiful nature. We went from jungle parts to top off hills and back, really amazing. At afternoon when we arrived to camp we had a nice dinner again thanks to the porters. And we said thanks to them, for their hard work. We went to bed.

Next day it was last part till Sun Gate and Machu Picchu, the sights were really amazing, especially the Sun Gate. You come up, and it blows your mind when you see Machu Picchu for first time. We had a great tour at the Machu Picchu and afterwards a really nice bottle of well deserved beer. I want to thank Ramiro, the porters and Inca Trail Reservations for this beautiful experience.

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