The most best trip despite rain season

by: , Norwegian -
December 04, 2013

Me and my friend booked the Inca Trail without really knowing what we were going towards. The 4 days / 3 nights trip is definitely hard, but well worth it, and if you are in normal shape, you should do fine. Almost 50 k's in total were done, with the 2nd day being the hardest because of the 1.200 m climb towards the Dead Woman's Pass on 4.200 m height. But it was a magnificent trip despite some rain. Be sure to buy a rain poncho if you're going in the rainy season (dec-mar).

We carried our own stuff ourselves, and the porters took care of everything else, so that when you arrive camp the tent will be set up and once everyone arrives there will be food (which was surprisingly very good, like a normal restaurant, I would say) for everyone. In the end you pay the porters around 60-100 Peruvian money (tip, but not optional), but they do a very good job and really deserves it. Our guide was also very good, so if you get Carlos, you know you're in for a good trip.

Remember to bring toilet paper, and don't expect the toilets on the road to be in good shape. Rather the opposite, but in total, that did certainly not take away the beauty of this trip. When you arrive Machu Picchu all worn out after four days of trekking and you see the tourist just arriving with the bus, you get a proud and good feeling. Takk for nu!

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