The whole trip worked smoothly

by: , Norwegian -
December 04, 2013

My friend and I did the four-day Inca Trail with Inca Trail Reservations , and it was a great adventure. Our guide was particularly great. He took care of everybody in the group. He also had a lot of knowledge about inca-sights along the way, and of course about Machu Picchu, The food on the trip was also excellent, must be the first long hike where I did not loose weight! We had breakfast, lunch and dinner - and also snacks every day when we arrived at camp. The food varied from chicken and beef with rice to pasta, omelettes for breakfast and pancakes for dessert. Truly great food - and lots of it, which is important when trekking for hours every day.

We had paid for an extra day in Aguas Calientes, and stayed at a hotel there. The whole trip worked smoothly, we paid everything through Inca Trail Reservations and therefore had our hotel room, train tickets, bus tickets, and all the practical hassle already taken care of. And when we returned to Cusco we were of course driven from the train-station to our hostel. It worked out great.

And of course, apart from the great food and the great guide, the trail is something everybody should do once in their life - the inca-ruins and the surrounding nature is amazing. Especially when climbing the highest parts of the trail, the view is just really great. And the feeling when arriving at the Sun Gate, on the fourth day of hiking, can not be described - it must be experienced!

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