The ONLY Way to See Machu Picchu

by: , USA -
June 01, 2013

You´ll hear from bloggers that it´s critical to not skimp on your tour service when you hike the Camino Inca, but Inca Trail Reservations provided AMAZING service for the price.

Pickup arrangements were smooth, the pre-trek briefing was comprehensive. An important note: the company PROVIDES sleeping mats, but you are responsible for CARRYING them if you do not hire the services of a porter.

While we´re on the subject, the porters are some sort of wonderful supermen that casually sprint up and down 40 degree inclines for 3 straight days. Ours were friendly and cordial but we didn't get much of a chance to interact with them because we were so exhausted. Go out of your way to talk to your porters, particularly if you speak Spanish. They are the key link in the trek. Our chef was outstanding, bringing us different dishes (and multiple of them per meal, we had like 5 courses on our last night) every day. Please please tip the porters, they are awesome.

Our guides Ramiro and Hilthon were knowledgeable, friendly and tolerant of gringos. Ramiro took time out on the trek to ID plants, talk Incan history, and banter with us and our fellow hikers. They also casually outpaced us throughout the hike and made sure even the slowest of our group felt welcome and not left behind.

Most importantly, you are not prepared. Whatever you think, particularly if campsite arrangements are complex on whatever days you are trekking, your body will take a beating on this hike. Our second day was 17 kilometers long with about 2000 meters of vertical delta, and our knees and lungs felt it. Bring trekking poles. They are the best.

Enjoy your trip, and thank you Inca Trail Reservations !

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