To go or not to go

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June 11, 2015

Three days after landing in Lima Peru, having a terrible cough, not eating enough and on time and a lot of things plans ahead. Who !!!! Is all i can say. Machu Picchu Trail trekking is yet to come.

Dont want to think about altitude sickness (can't sleep! upset stomach, short of breath, taking so much medicine to silence my cough) but after white water ratfting and talking about the next activity over dinner which is Machu Picchu.

Somethings playing on my head "do i want to go or not". Dont want to hold back my friends just because i dont feel good. So without much sleep the next Day, have made my mind up and say "let go and do this!!!.

Orientation Day is scary. Edwin made sure of that. But my concern is only if there will feed me well i will have the strenght to do this no matter what.

His group came prepared as planned. Picked us up at 6:00am as well as the cook and the porters on the way to Machu Picchu.

Hoy im so glad, they let us have breakfasts at this spot before climbing to our destination.And the hike began, 1st Day was a stroll in the park. I enjoyed iit because of the good food that chief cook that he prepared. Energized and happy back to the Trail again.

Second Day was tough, can't breath and and more my legs. So i need to psyche myself no turning back you're in this beautiful Mountain that you might not ever see again unless you have visited another country. So out of breath, stiff and heavy legs.... Just one step clóser , one step clóser i utter. Finally making it to the campsite....have to sleep for tomorrow.

Third Day was a breeze but we had a casualty.... Downhill baby Downhill to the bottom.

Fourth Day to Machu Picchu. I didt it !!! Even added going to waynapicchu.

It was a great experience overall. It wasn't hard at all. It was just the discomfort of walking instead of taking the train or the elevator, sleeping on a harder sufra e than your soft and warm bed and eating the food that you really want.

The hardest part of all i would say is to look forward to the next bathrooms. " Be prepared". All i can say.

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