Due to government regulations on the numbers of trekkers permitted on the Inca Trail all bookings must be made well in advance. Before making an Inca Trail booking please read the following information carefully:

– Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date that you enter Peru. Without your passport information we will not be able to get you a trek permit. For US citizens please click here for information on how to get your passport in a hurry.

– The exact information on your passport that you send us will be written on your trek permit. After purchasing the permit we cannot change the date of trek departure or change the name of the person doing the trek. When you start the Inca Trail, government representatives will check your passport details against the details on the trek permit. If the details are not the same then you will not be allowed to start the trek. Solely passport number can be updated in case of passport renewal. This can be done minimum one week before departure date and a $10 fee will apply. You will have to send us a scanned copy of both passports, the old and the new one

(If any member of your group does not have their passport number or is waiting for a new passport, you have the option to make the Inca Trail booking with your old passport or driver license number. Please send us the scanned copy of this document and the valid passport when available.)

– Check for Inca Trail Permits, review the information of the package, submit the online booking information; all the information is required. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your Inca Trail Booking and assist you in customizing a unique package. Please specify if you require the services of loads of portering as this detail cannot be changed after making a booking.

– Payment: A deposit is required to proceed with the Inca Trail permit process. We accept all major credit card payments, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You will proceed with your deposit payment through our secure server after submitting the online booking form. We also accept PayPal payments, checks, wire transfer or direct deposit.

Note: Inca Trail Permits are sold on a first come first serve basis. It is still possible for us to secure permits even when availability shows less than 10 permits left. In the unlikely case that we are not able to get the last permit and you are not able to do the trek on a different date, the full deposit will be refunded to your account. The deposit becomes non-refundable once it has been issued and confirmed by the Peruvian Government.

– We recommend you to arrive in Cusco 2 or 3 days before trek departure to ensures that you are better acclimatized to the high altitude.

– Student discount: This discount is made to the Inca Trail permit by the Peruvian Government. If you are claiming a student discount you must send us a 'JPEG' scan of a valid student identification card (containing photo, complete name, college name and expiration date) by email to info (at) incatrailreservations.com after submitting your reservation form. A clear photo of the card will suffice. If you cannot provide us with a scan of your Student id card we will charge you the standard adult trek price. Recent Government policy for getting this discount also includes: Student must be under 26 years old, student card expiration date must be no later than one year after the start of your trek, it does not have to be linked to a credit card (e.g. showing Visa, MasterCard, etc.), Graduated student Cards and ISIC cards are not valid. Only Student ID cards with these features are acceptable. Bring your student card with you on the Inca Trail as it will be checked several times by government officials. Unfortunately no other forms of student identity are acceptable.

– Child discounts: Children under 16 years old receive the same discount as a student. If you are claiming a child discount you must send us a 'JPEG' scan of your child's passport (page containing photo and date of birth) by email as soon as we accept your Inca Trail booking. If you cannot provide us with a scan of your child's passport after accepting your booking we will charge you the standard adult trek price for your child.

IMPORTANT: Please note we are unable to accept any bookings without ALL of the passport information. You can provide an old passport number, if we do not update this passport number on your permit, you MUST bring the old passport on the Inca trail in Peru. To update the passport number on your Inca Trail permit you must send us the scan of both documents. Passports are checked at the start of the Inca Trail. If the passport number within the permit, does not match up, you will be unable to trek.

Inca Trail bookings for Single travelers are accepted for the group service.