Inca Trail is a blast!

by: , United States of america -
July 05, 2013

This trip through the Inca Trail was one of the most fun and exciting adventures I have ever had in my life. I have been to many places in the world and this trip was one of my favorite. I saw so many beautiful sights throughout the tour. There were many spectacular mountains with sharp peaks. They were quite amazing to see. We went through a lot of different climates and topography as well. My favorite part of the trek was the third day where we climbed through a green and lush rain forest. We also saw many Inca ruins that it felt like we stepped back in time.

Not only were the sights amazing, but the group of porters and our guide were wonderful! I couldn´t believe how quickly the porters moved up and down the mountain. They were running through most of it and had our camp ready when we got there with smiles on their faces! Our guide, Raul, was very knowledgeable and shared many interesting facts about the plant life, wildlife, and ruins. Without our guide and porters this trek would not have been nearly as incredible as it was and I´m so happy and grateful that I did it. Thank you Inca Trail Reservations !

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