Seans Inca Trail trip

by: , American -
January 29, 2014

The four day three night Inca Trail hike was an amazing experience. I truly enjoyed it on many levels. I was able to take on a challenge that was both a mentally and physcially exhausting hike. I and I am stronger because of it. I got to meet some very good people that I now consider my friends, People from around the world that I got to know. Completing this hike is be a bond that we will be able to share forever. The scenery that we saw throughout the hike was some of the most remarkable images I have ever seen. I would reccommend this tour to anyone who has a sense of adventure. Our tour guide Victor was amazing. He was a genuinely nice person who was always there to help motivate us during the tough times of the hike. He also was very helpful in organizing our group in the mornings, during the hike and in the evenings when we were all very tired from the day of hiking. He even went as far as helping me find a very helpful porter who was able to carry some of my equipment during the tough parts of the trek. I also want to commend the porters and the cook who do amazing work carrying and cooking the food, setting up, and taking down the tents. These people have very tough jobs and were always smiling and laughing which made me feel safer sleeping in the mountains for 3 nights. Thank you very much Inca Trail Reservations for all of your help in making this trip the best vacation of my life and giving me memories that I will have forever with my girlfriend.

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