A Great Adventure

by: , USA -
July 01, 2015

Do not get it twisted; the Inka Trail is hard. We had both novice and pro backpackers in our group and it was hard for us all. But all the fun comes because of our guides, porters and cooks.

Our porters carried more than any of us could and with a smile as they ran past us. The cook prepared us a three course meal breakfast lunch and dinner that accommodated even the oddest dietary needs. We were the group of misfit eaters. But most importantly were our guides; Manny and Marco Polo who kept us laughing during the toughest of days. We got sick, we had injuries, and we were tired and grumpy and somehow they kept laughing.

I think we had the most fun of any group we past or were near camping. If I was crazy enough to do it again I wouldn't go with any other group or any other guides.

What an amazing adventure! Thank you Manny, Marco and everyone at Inca Trail Reservations .

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