Blood, sweat and tears

by: , Ingland -
6592 5/5stars
September 13

What a fantastic adventure! I have always heard friends talk about the wonders of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu and have wanted to see for myself.

Experiencing the trip more than justified the praise, i loved the mix of cameradery at meal times, moments of peace and solitude on the trail, and awe at the landscape and ruins surrounding us.

The team guiding us made all the difference. From a briefing before we left, through to arriving in Aguas Calientes 4 days later we were given all the information needed to make the walk and total trip as fun as possible. Markus and Percy were both fun and full of information about the history of the trail, the local flora and all the forna on the trail.

As for the cooks and porters. What heros! 5 star meals 3 times a day, camp dismantled after we left in the morning yet the next site set up before we arrived, the guys are super human.

I couldn't ask for more in a trip and would recommend this trip again and again. Thank.

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