cheating Salkantay

by: , British -
November 04, 2015

I quite literally left a part of me on the approach to Salkantay Mountain. I got food poisoning from food i ate before joining the Trek and altitude sickness during the Trek on the first day.

It was one of my more memorable nights under the stars. Unforgettable, serious and painful. None of this was the fault of the Inca Trail Reservations team, but their response was Excellent. Lisandro (Guide) simone (chef) and thomas (assistant) paid special attention to me: they prepared simple food for me, gave medicinal drinks during the night and, when i made the decision to return to Cusco, they arranged transportation and sent one of their staff in the car with me.

I recovered in Cusco over night and was able to join the Trek for the final 3 days. Lisandro made special effort to communicate what happened to the Cusco office who arranged bus transport back to the group. South America is a tough place to get seriously ill, and when you do you want solid reliable help - which i got.

The Trek Crew from Inca Trail Reservations were knowledgable, personable and easy to get along with. I would recommend them .... Plus. I got to cheat the hardest part of the Trek.

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