Do you see the Salkantay mountain?

by: , Holanda -
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September 01

Salkantay trek was very diverse, with a lot of different sceneries, which was great and very rewarding.

Though, to be honest, I expected it to be a bit more adventurous, meaning less commercialized with more remote camping sites and less touristic paths; without cars or industrial activity. The first two days were quite challenging and the trek to Salkantay pass was an unique experience; unfortunately we didn't see From day 3 onwards the trek became more diverse with hot springs and zip lining - although nice, this takes away the feeling of being in wild nature and the idea you are trekking towards the Inca site.

The overall organization and support staff before and during the trek is of very high quality and gives you value for money. Specifically the guide takes his job and overall Inca tradition very serious and is more than knowledgable. I hope a substantial part of the trek fee goes to these people.

Pre-information on what and what is not included could improve (eg availability of fresh water). In conclusion, a positive experience !.

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