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July 03

We made it to Machu Picchu and was greeted by sunny skies.

This is quite metaphoric to our overall trip. We are in dry season but weather forecasts warned us otherwise. We prepared ourselves with S35 rain pants and started our trek on 3 Julio 2015.

Day 1 was training day as Victor noted, with a few steep hills, high temperatures when the sun was out and low temperatures as soon as the sun was covered by clouds. Day 2, we met all seasons of weather with snow at the summit of Dead Woman's Pass. Day 3 was easier, ending at an archeological site that provided amazing views of Peru. Day 4, Machu Picchu, definitely a site to see.

But looking back, my favorite moments were when there was less people and just naturThe service provided by the Inca Trail was beyond amazing and I appreciate all their hard work. Amazing, humbling experience! .

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