Great guide! Breathtaking views! Delicious food! Excellente chicos!

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October 21

The day our tour was supposed to start there were some strikes planned in cusco and around Peru! Victor and his crew were great to accommodate us and had us leave a day earlier. We stayed at a make shift campsite which was very comfortable and we were served a great breakfast. This was an indication of the great customer service to follow.

Day 1 was difficult as we were not well acclimatized to hiking at the altitude but there were some breathtaking views of the lake and the glacier which made the tough conditions worth the effort.

Day 2 was the longest and most rigorous day. Victor was very good and cautioning us about the difficult trek ahead and the altitude sickness. He recommended taking a horse if we didn't feel like we were up for it. When someone was feeling ill during the hike Victor helped find a horseman. He stayed with the slowest of the group (viz me!) until I got to the top. Rest of the day was long but a fairly easy downhill hike.

Day 3 we went to hotsprings which was really well appreciated by everyone. Followed by a party at night and cake!!

Day 4 was zip lining and an easy scenic walk to Aguas Caliente!

Throughout this time we were served with delicious home cooked meals, we had a horseman who carried all our bags, we had our tents setup for us, and almost any other special request taken care of.

I highly recommend this tour for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors.

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