how do you say hello in spanish again!

by: , Canadian -
May 11, 2015

First of all, i can't read it. No eyeglasses. What does it say what does it say. I have had the best trip of my life. Our group was amazing, great great group of people. Very organised. The father of our family, Raul was fabulous. His encouragement and spirits helped push me to the top. His knowledge of Inka history and local flora and fauna was expertise and made for wonderful stories and much needed breath catches.

My son brought me here for this wonderful trip and i will never ever ever forget it. The experience has been eye opening and heart opening às well.

The cooks, horseman and employees were wonderful. Delicious food, comfy sleeping pads and the tents stayed dry. Thanks to my son for writing this às well às bringing me because i seriously forgot my glasses.

Brenda, the Canadians momma!.

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