Inka experiences

by: , Belgium -
September 22, 2015

Lovely guides who interacted well with the group, asked us often how we were doing, brought some natural medicine for those who had trouble with the height such as a yellow kind of alcohol you had to smell.

i would advise to bring also medicine for height disease, next to some coca leaves(this doesnt work for everyone ) and medicine for stomach and headache( you can have trouble with this due to the height) . Also bring enough warm clothes and a good rainjacket because It can be cold the first night.

After that, lots of mosquito repelent and a pair of sneakers in case you want to let your feet have a rest after walking a lot.

The second day is hardest, but if you feel bad there is always the option to go by horse. The trekking was well organized. They always woke us with a hot coca tea if We wanted and The food they prepared was amazing. When you arrived to a camp spot the tents were al ready set so you had a change to rest after a tiring trek.

I would like to thank our lovely guides Omar and jesus for guiding us and being so heartwarming, funny and encouraging during the Trek. Ill never forget this experience :).

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