It hurts

by: , Serbian -
December 08, 2015

This hiking trip was the hike of my life. I came to Qusqo not even knowing what to expect. My biggest worry was the altitude sickness since I did not know how my body would react to these high elevation.

When my partner and I started planning this trip, we first booked the train option and later changed our minds and decided to do the Inca Trail . On the way, we might have regretted the decision at the most difficult point, but only when we were joking.

The hike was hard and at certain moments I was not sure I'd make it, but I am glad I did it. From moment one, when we met Juan Carlos and the others from the group, I became more confident that we would have fun. And we did. Everyone was great, from Juan Carlos, who is a really a GREAT guide, the porters, who did a great job, Beltran, the cook, who always had some nice surprise for us, and the other people from the group, Lindsey and Kyle, from the States, Guyloine, from Canada, who did their best to cheer me through the whole thing. We had so much fun and our reward came when we reached the Sun Gate and saw Machu Picchu for the first time, in all its glory, bathing in the sun, we could not want anything else.

Juan Carlos' lectures on the Inka history were very detailed and educational, and the last tour through the Citadel was more than excellent. I am more than glad I've done it.

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