Jose.. Jose.. Raul !!

by: , Indian -
April 02, 2017

When we first decided to come to Peru and hike to Machu Pichu, all I was thinking about was conquering the mountain.

But as each hour passed and more time I spent with this group and this company, I realized how lucky I have been. The service was impeccable. There are no words that describe the amazing strength and grace of our porters and cooks with which they made this tour so much smoother for us. And our travel guides went above and beyond to give us a tour that I will remember forever. Gracias Raul and Jose!. Of course, there is also my fellow campers, the family, that made this tour so much fun. The support and the compassion will stay with me always. Do yourself a favor.

Get on this trip. It will make you a better person. And remind you that the Journey is as, if not more, important than the destination.

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Inca Trail Andean Adventure

Nasca Hummingbird
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