Laughing and hiking our way through the jungle

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April 07

This was a wonderful experience that is hard to put into words. Starting from the planning process, Patty was really great to work with: she gave us up dates, answered all of our questions, and helped me change my passport number on the permit after I got married. We met our guide Rony the night before the trek to hear final details. We got our duffle bags to put our stuff in for the porters. Every day was a very early start: 5, 4, 5, and 3:30. So be warned !

I did the trek (age 31) with my bff (age 33) and my mom (age 62). My mom struggled a lot on day 3, but Rony was super supportive and helped her down the mountain as we finished the day in the dark. The porters even met us to help, too. The food was excellent and the porters were friendly and helpful. Rony taught me and my friend some Quechua and we had fun talking to the porters (in bad accents) along the trails.

There was one really big company that had tons of tourists and tons of porters and I was really glad to be part of a small group. It was only us three and another small company shared portering and cook services (2 tourists and another guide). Working hard (but having a blast) for four days made arriving in Machu Picchu that much sweeter ! I definitely recommend this trip and this company.

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