Lizandro, a gentle and caring tour guide.. The trek was OK too.

by: , British -
August 02, 2015

In the beginning we enjoyed a nice flat trek, with delightful views of the Salkantay Glacier, that evening we were treated to Dinner of "Chicken" I suspect it was Cuy Anyway, it was tasty and warmed us up for our hike up to the Salkantay Pass, this was surprisingly easier than I expected, however, I am super fit and something of an Adonis.

The trek down the other side was more taxing, but we enjoyed more trees and flowers and stuff. Day 3 was flat and nice and easy, along a river. Day 4 for me was the hardest, a long climb, followed by an epic steep decent to the river valley, lunch was enjoyed by the river then a long walk to the Pueblo Machu Picchu.

Ultimately we arrived in Machu Piccu and had a tour from Lizandro, who was as I say a gentle and caring tour guide, who would always make sure we were happy, safe and well informed.

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