Machu Pichu the Salty way

by: , American -
May 27, 2016

The excursion was expected to be an adventure, an experience, a challenge and an high expectation.

The morning pick up was earlier than planned, the reason was to avoid the on going construction on the highways leaving Cusco. Good planning. We picked up the Trekkers, we picked up the cook, we gathered the assistants. Our assistant tour guide, Fran stayed with us at the hotel as awaited the rest of the team to pick us up.

The first day of trekking was a slight Ascension up to the base of Umantay Mountain. A cold evening and an even cooler hike up to the lake of Huamanta was a great impression of the rest of the travel.

The 2nd morning and rest of the day was by far the best way to set the tone of the trek. Cold at times, tropical at others, challenging always and always scenic and beautiful along the way. The ascending to Saltantay was incredibly difficult and challenging. But always at the end was an incredible reward. The majesty of the mountain propelled you forward with each step and pace you along.

The decent towards the Urubamba River experienced different climates, new fauna and comforts. The ascent was quick and difficult. The descent was leisurely and scenic. We learned along the way about the ancient peoples who lived and thrived in these areas and grew appreciation.

This was a culture that is finally having its time of appreciation and I'm incredibly fulfilled with this experience.

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