by: , Canadian -
September 16, 2016

The adventure was overall amazing! . Walking through the villages day one was pretty cool.

Saw one set of ruins and some other amazing views on the way. The guide was very good at watching our pace and explaining plants animals etc along the way. Day 2 was a killer for sure but the view at the top makes you forget some of the pain. And again, the guides were awesome at adjusting pace and splitting up so that we had different guides at different times showing us different stuff.

Encouragement from them was great and adjustment to those struggling was excellent. Day three and day four were my favourite with ruins, beautiful scenery and of course the summit to the sun gates.

Overall the guides were good at keeping us posted as to what was going to happen each day. The porters were amazing and the food rocked!. So glad I did this!. Thanks Inca Trail Reservations for the experience.

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