Marcos, El Condor

by: , FRANCE -
November 25, 2017

My experience with "Inca Trail Reservations" was just amazing.

I spent 4 days with our wonderful guide Marcos, the super cook and the chaskies (sorry, I don't know how to write it).

We were a group of 5 persons and I enjoyed every days with everyone.

I felt very lucky to have the chance to meet all theses persons.

My experience with the agency was also very easy and everyone I always available to answer all the questions I got.

During the hike, everyone, and especially the guide, really took care of all of us and always gave advices about the hike to feel more confortable.

During the meals, everyone was so nice and the food incredible ! I didn't expected such good food during a hike.

Finally, Marcos gave us a lot of informations about the Incas. He has a deep knowledge about that ! He made also a lot of fun and we danced one song with him, after what his nickname El Condor was born !

We were not always very very serious and I thank everybody to have support us :-)

To resume, it was one of the best experience in my whole life.

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