Not that old

by: , mexican -
July 17, 2015

It was truly amazing. Difficult, demanding , and sometimes painful, but rewarding ! I now know that i have what it takes to climb a real high mountain.Just figure, we wet more than 46 hundred meters above sea level !. On the second night every thing went fine. Not that it was bad at all, it just that we recovered our strength .On my second night i slept like a baby .And i loved the thermal waters Santa Teresa.Very relaxing , with a cusqueña beer for enjoyment.

The rest of my team was also very brave. They , like me , enjoyed every sight,On the fourth day , walking alon the trai racks, broyght back old memories growing up in southern Mexico.

The vegetation, the river , the giants rocks, all reminded my rural Oxaca. another point to remember is the excellent food cooked by our two chefs. I think it was the best food i had so far tried in Peru. It's also worth mentioning the job done by our two hoesemen . Great physical condition !!!

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