Pussies take the bus

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April 15

I don't care who you are or how fit you are, the porters have you beat! Our "family", as Victor would say, started the trek a little separated and nervous about what was to come.

The Inca Trail Reservations team put our minds at ease by talking us through each stage of the adventure. But we would only find out tomorrow's plan after the amazing dinner we were served each night. The food and the work the porters do blew my mind!. The guides made us color table the whole time. And made me totally forget that the altitude was having any effect on me.

We were let to go at our own pace, and explore as much as we could. In honesty the the inca trail itself was better experience than even getting to Machu Pichu, which is still amazing!

I couldn't recommend Inca Trail Reservations more. I'm tying to but I can't! . I'm awesome!

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