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by: , Canadian -
May 24, 2015

WOW!!. This trip was an unforgettable and amazing experience. So many good memories were made with good friends and new friends. The guide made the atmosphere during the trip always inviting and comfortable. With the support and encouragement from the guide during the trek, it made the accomplished hike even more rewarding. Thank you Inca Trail Reservations !! I will always cherish this incredible experience! .. :)

The first day was a good start to what to expect on the rest of the hike. Once we made it to the first camp site it was awesome playing some soccer against the porters. The second day was for sure the hardest trek I have ever done and it really made me push myself and my limits. The support from the guide and my fellow friends really helped me pull through that day. It was so rewarding to reach the highest point (Dead Woman's Pass) and have the rest of the hike downhill from there. On the third day, even though it was to be a long trek of 16km, the hike was enjoyable with the many different Inca sites along the way. This really helped break up the day.

The morning of the forth day was pretty difficult to get up, as not only is it an early start but also aches and pains began to sink in. Knowing that the trail was almost over and our final destination was so close made it bearable. Once we reached Machu Picchu, it was both breathtaking and so rewarding. I couldn't believe that I had made it! This was an incredible experience. !!

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