Stepping out of Time for 4 Days

by: , American -
December 25, 2016

I had no idea how hard this was going to be. When my parents told me that we were coming here, I was just happy to be able to go on a new adventure.

After the first day, I was exhausted. But I got into the camp, and the porters started clapping, and I was reenergized. At dinner, I had no expectations whatsoever concerning the food, and was extremely surprised at its excellence. Not only were the meals great, but Matteo, the cook, Raul, the assistant cook, and Armando, the server, took the time to make adorable decorations out of the food and utensils.

The porters and our guide, another Raul, played cards with us and welcomed us into their tightly knit family. If I could, I would stay in contact with some of the porters on the trip !.

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