The Andean Flats

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May 24

Day 1 began very sunny and very exciting. Juan Carlos, was very informative and fun to hike with. He showed us so much passion and knowledge for the Inca culture. The The first Day was a nice introduction to the hike that was coming. Day 2 brought the thoughest Day with a long uphill battle however this was very rewarding when you challenge yourself and make it to the top of Dead womans Pass. The long descent down to camp on this Day made me discovered muscles i never had before. Day 3 brought an early start with the porters waking you up with a fresh cup of tea. A quick word about the porters, i have great respect for what they did and how they did it. Everyday without fail they passed us and set up camp. Anyways Day 3 was a much longer hike however with more frequent stops and much more interesting inca sites. The last Day was an early morning hike to the Sun Gate with a breath taking views of Machu Pichu. Juan Carlos took great care of us yet again with a personal tour of the site. Overall i highly recommand Inca Trail Reservations to any body Washington to complete the 4 Day Inca Trail hike and to ask for Juan Carlos and the amazing porters that made my expirence simply amazing.

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