The Lazy leg crew conquers Machu Picchu

by: , United States of America -
March 01, 2016

The Initial umpression , I had of the Inca Trek was rather unsophishcated and off-base : I Thought it would be a somewhat leisurely trek, with the averange to poor typical camp food, and a stunning tour of the lost city . I can now happily say that those assumptions were almost wholey off.

Not only was the trek much more involved and extracting than i had ariginally thought, but also my perception. The porters were incredible and a job to be around, the food was incredible and i felt like we ate like kings throughout and our tour guides were an incredible group well educated on all the history one could possiblyask about , funny , entertaing and averall a very engaging and helpful crew . The pisco provided at the top of dead woman's pass , the pictures taken for all of us and divice on medice, water, rest, etc. was invaluable.

Overall , it was a demanding yet incredible experience that i will highly recommend to friends and family .

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Inca Trail Andean Adventure

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