Trekkin the Trail

by: , USA -
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April 21

Not knowing quite what to expect, I was pleased by the Inca Trail experience. First off, the food was excellent. The chef cooked excellent meals along the way and we never went hungry. The porters are amazing and I could not imagine carrying the amount of weight that they do. With a 20 pound pack, I had sore shoulders by the end of the trip.

The trail itself was spectacular. The porters were able to speed ahead of us and put up the tents and start the meal before we could catch up to them. We saw many sites along the way. I highly recommend the trail trek should you choose to visit Machu Picchu. Someday I may come back and try to run the whole thing in one day. I would recommend Inca Trail Reservations without hesitation.

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Machu Picchu Travel

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