Walking in the footsteps of the ancient Inca

by: , Danish -
August 17, 2015

I had a great time with the people, the porters and guides. You have sometimes a lot of people around you, specially in the morning when every company leaves the campsite at the same time, but later you only walk with your group or maybe alone.

Juan Carlos or J.C. Was a really good guide, over the dead woman pass he let us struggle on our own, and made history stops, Japanese photo shoots and historic stops when we had more energy to listen.

The food is amazing, the chef Fabian makes better food in a tent than in the restaurants in Cuzco. Highly recommended company and tour!

Special Package:

Machu Picchu Travel

10 Days - A special package including assistance at your arrival in Lima, all accommodation and transportation required...and of course our world famous Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. *