Machu Picchu trip August 06 2016

Viva Salkantay trail !

Era una aventura increíble llena de paisajes distintos y hermosos. Nos gustaba andar a nuestro ritmo y entonces teníamos muchas Buenas sensaciones.
! Nuestro guía Eloy es super simpático y nos enseñaba Muchas cosas interesante ! La parte que nos has encanado el mas es la Laguna del primer día y la subida a pasaje salkantay , ... Continue Reading

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Great trip

This is a great trip that we get to go up to 4600m, and enjoy hot spring after the tough trek, what's the most fun is the zip line, which you will never wanna miss.
Tour is well organized and tour guide is very helpful. Our guide explains Inca culture and different plantations along the way, and ... Continue Reading

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Wonderful Trek

This trip was wonderful!. You hike through many different climates and see many beautiful sites.
My favorite part was getting to top of salkantay mountain. It was a beautiful and challenging trek with wonderful people. The company gave many opportunities to support people all ability levels. There were extra fun additional activities besides trekking, such as hot spring and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 04 2016-1

Sexy Puma

Ik had een fantastische ervaring, de eerste keer dat ik zou gaan trekken. Ook zo'n grote afstanden stappen had ik nog nooit gedaan, als ook kamperen.
Alles viel super mee. Onze bagage werd werd steeds veillig en wel naar de kamping gebracht door twee vriendelijke jonge mannen. Wat Modesto in de keuken kon toveren was heerlijk. Nooit ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 04 2016-1

El Borro

Our leader, Eber, made the trip excellent! He was very helpful and informative, and also very relaxed.
On the second day, eber introduced us to some local potato farmers. We were able to stomp potatoes with them, and it was an authentic and unique experience. Eber even told us about Peru's multi-stage independence, which started in Lima and completed ... Continue Reading

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The trip was great!. Ebers is a wonderful tour guide and Modesto was a fantastic cook. I would have enjoyed a larger group but Ebers was good to introduce us to other hikers.
More information about the weather and altitude conditions prior to the trip would have been appreciated. I also would have liked to have more ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 04 2016

9-5 Escape

This was a once in a lifetime trip. I was pushed physically and mentally and supported by our amazing guide the entire way.
The chef was phenomenal he made a birthday cake out of nothing for me. The logistics were beautifully presented to use with no surprises. Waking up to coca tea. Nothing better. Our guide was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 04 2016


MODESTO ES EL MEJOR!!! In all seriousness, trek was amazing and very well planned.
It was challenging yet doable and visually stunning. Guides and every one involved were professional, from the guide to the horsemen. There is nothing I would change or improve with the trek itself. There is always something to "add," but I would fear that ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 03 2016

Honeymoon adventures

My new wife always wanted to go to Machu Picchu and we decided to go for our honeymoon.
We opted for the Salkantay trail and loved the beautiful landscapes and authentic experience. Juan, our guide, was super amazing and helpful. He made sure we woke up with a brewing hot cup of coca tea ( helps with the altitude) ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 03 2016

Feet are killing me but worth it!

The trip was amazing. The views during the salkantay trek are unbelievable and i feel like I got a taste of what it was like to walk from Cusco to Macchu Picchu during the incan times (though I'm sure they didn't have the luxury of prepared meals and hot showers!).
Seeing Macchu Picchu for the first time after ... Continue Reading

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Up and down

It was a great experience and an exiting adventure to walk the inka trail, four days to Machu Picchu.
The landscape was so beautiful and amazing. The high mountains, the vegetation and the animals... A dream.
The hike was very hard... Up and down and a lot of steps...
Our guide was really nice. He explained ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 03 2016

Up and down to Macchu Picchu

We had an amazing experience doing the four day inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
Ate first the only slightly negative thing was the organisation before the start of the trek. we just have been informed one day before our hike to meet up in the evening. First the manager itself came by and not the guide and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 03 2016-3

Sexy llamas

I started my Macchu Piccu trip with an audible, a strike caused the trip to start at midnight instead of leaving in the morning. Watching our porters assemble our tents with just headlights while we waited in the bus, i knew we were in great hands. All i Heard was how difficult day 2 would be, Jorge our guide gave ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 03 2016

Great adventure

It was a very tough but in the end a very rewarding trek. While the first day starts off with a relatively easy trek, the difficulty really ramps up on the second day. The views that you get a chance to see during the trek on the inca trail are definitely worth all of the sore legs, shoulders, and toes ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 03 2016-3

Do the hike

Hi. I just completed the 4 day 3 night hike to Machu Picchu. It was great, going in we were all told by a Hostel roommate that we would see amazing things on the hike, stuff that bus and train riders would miss out on. We totally saw things so amazing that Machu Picchu seemed like the icing on an ... Continue Reading