Machu Picchu vacation July 26 2016

Awesome time!!

Had a great salkantay trek. Miguel, our guide, was awesome. He was full of information and made the trip wonderful. Everything went smoothly and was exactly as described.
My favorite part was going over the pass. It was so gratifying after the long trip up. The altitude wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 26 2016


It was amazing to be out in nature and enjoying Pacha mama !. The guide was very nice and accommodating.
Food was great and vegetarian friendly :). The trek was easier than I was anticipating, but this is good news .I arrived to Aguas calientes in good condition and ready to enjoy Machu Picchu! I think my favorite ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 24 2016-2

Super Hiker *irony*

This was my second time doing the Inca trail but first time with Inca Trail Reservation and I have had an amazing time!.
Marco was a great guide; he was very knowledgable and willing to do whatever he can to make us all feel comfortable. I was quite a bit slower than others on the uphills but ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 24 2016

Wavey Elz

I have just completed the inca trail and could not thank Inca Trail Reservations enough for the support, encouragement and positivity provided throughout the trip.
I was fortunate enough to be paired in a small group who were very friendly and were all willing to cooperate with the tasks and difficult scenarios that arose throughout the day. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 24 2016


Firstly, Marco was an amazing tour guide. He made the whole experience enjoyable. He was encouraging and funny and is truly excellent. The chasquis were brilliant, and obviously we couldn't have done it without them.
The tents were comfortable and warm, and thr campsites were good. Raúl the chef cooked some great meals and was very accomodating ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 24 2016


We just finished the inca trail with Inca Trail Reservations and we had an amazing time. I can't imagine arriving at Machu Picchu any other way!. Our guide, Marco, was absolutely awesome - he looked after us so well and was always full of great information.
We also loved the chaskis who carried so much every day but were ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 23 2016-7

The Trials and Tribulations of Salkantay

This is a different world. The land constantly takes your breath away, the people always greet you with smiles, and you throw toilet paper away in the garbage (which is super weird but feels exotic 🌿).
The trip can be tough at times, but it's all so worth it in the end. I could never have imagined ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 23 2016-9

Sexy Lamas

This was a crazy and challenging experience that I can highly recommend to anyone that loves nature, history, wildlife, sport and a bit of partying.
Everyday we enjoyed a three course meal for lunch and dinner, we had great breakfasts great tea and lots of coca leaves...:)
The guide was great I can't express in words how great ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 23 2016-3

Highways to hell :)

I heard so many comments about it, some tell me it was easy, some was hard like hell! In my case, I train for it like it was a very big challenge and it was!.
I love the trek because it was a real adventure into Perú cultural world and a personal challenge. I discover the world ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 23 2016-2


Une aventure fantastique , un guide incroyable , un super chef cuisinier , the view was awesome. We had a really great time.
Merde fait vraiment que je rive cent putain de mot Sur se site pour avoir un Tshirt . I n plus avec lost I doto corecteur de Marie meme. Pas capable de com prendre ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 23 2016-7

Coins in the ass

A really amazing trip through breathtaking nature, accompanied by a truely funny and competent guide coming up with the funniest games (see title). For more info about that game, ask for Paul ;)
With our group as well we had a lot of fun. Trials to get other groups to join our party failed though, no problem for us, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 23 2016-4

Every step counts on the road to 4630m

What i learned from this amazing experience is that its important to go at you own pace weither you're a turtle or a racing athlete. It really is the best way to enjoy your journey. It may not be easy at times and the "taxi" option in the second day is incredible tempting, but all in all it's an amazing ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 23 2016

Inca Flat is a Killer

Started out on the Inca Trail with our guide Jorge who was very knowledgable and explained the history and theories behind each sites.
Each day we visited Inca sites which where breath taking with a fantastic tale behind them. At camp our team of chef and porters were very helpful and prepared wonderful meals every time. Being ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 23 2016

Don’t believe the inca flat :-)

The most challenging and rewarding experience every!! . The guide Jorge and posters went above and beyond to make our experience the best.
Our guide was very patient as I was very slow and didn't sugar coat how hard bits would be. The food was top notch and more than enough to help you fuel up for ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 23 2016

Birthday cake cake on a mountain

Had An absolute awesome time on the Trail really couldnt have asked for a better guide or time.
Jorge was truthfull about the gringo killer stars lol but we beat them hands down lol...would do it all over again :-). Thank you Jorge and inca Trail reservation :-) every things was clear in the briefing our tour guide was ... Continue Reading