Machu Picchu travel December 01 2014-5

Aimed big for first trek

This was my first trek ever so I was very nervous that it would be too hard for me. The team was very supportive and encouraging. Everyone was able to go at a comfortable pace and met at many stops with Inca sites or food stops. The food was amazing and there was plenty of it.
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Machu Picchu vacation December 01 2014-9

Mi familia

What a trip ! We had a fantastic 4 days with a great group of 15, awesome porters and three guides with a lot of personality. The team really made us feel like a family and we had some great laughs together and memories that I will never forget.
We were also incredibly lucky with the weather and got ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 01 2014-5

Come on guys please, chicas listen up guys – Raul 2014

I had a fantastic time on the Inca Trail ! It was everything I imagined it would be and more. The tour guides really made the trip, they were so caring, encouraging and created such a fun environment, we really felt like one big family. I would definitely recommend this trip to all of my family and friends.
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Peru trip December 01 2014

Jogging like an Inca

It was good, if your expecting Machu Picchu to be the highlight then perfect because the trail itself will be an unexpected surprise. Our group had people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities and after four days of mountains, rain, sunshine, camping, good food and indulging ourselves in the Inca culture with the help of the porters and guides I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 29 2014-6

Inca’s mystery

Hey guys, Great experience with all the team (besides today's sickness). I loved the walks, the camping spots, the people of the crew, the games at night and the members of our crew. The food was very good and the quantities were sufficient (which is a strong statement knowing my legendary appetite).
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Peru travel November 29 2014-5


The Inca Trail trek is an amazing, unforgettable, exhausting adventure. The long everyday hikes immersed me in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and jungle. It also pushed me physically, climbing steep steps and trekking many kilometers. I witnessed and explored many of the ancient Inca ruins on the way to Machu Picchu.
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Peru vacation November 29 2014

Never ever again ;-)

Never ever had I imagine what I have done in four unforgettable days. After the first day, I thought "ok, this will be fine". The second day shows me what my body can do when it's necessary ! It was one of the hardest day of my life, but every minute was worth to do.
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Machu Picchu trip November 29 2014-1


If you're looking for challenging, fun and unforgettable experience the Inca Trail is a must. Everyday is filled with new exciting experiences and challenges. Every campsite has amazing views and the guide and staff are all amazing. I have definitely been blown away and will never forget the sites, views and experiences.
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Peru vacation November 29 2014-2

I am done

Traveling with Inca Trail Reservations means four days of perfect atmosphere, wonderful but really exhausting treks, really really nice and sympathetic guides, good food, the best porters - just having a really good time !
The first day of trekking was a nice good walk but all the other days - I did not expected that it would be ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 29 2014

No regrets

Four days of hiking the famous Inca Trail leave you exhausted, but happy. It's not an easy walk if you're not that experienced in hiking, especially the second day with five hours of constant climbing is tough, but it definitely is a life time experience.
There are beautiful views and amazing ruins along the way, a bunch of interesting ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 29 2014-8

Mountain man !

The trail was worth every penny, the guides were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the views were virtually second to none. I am glad I went through Inca Trail Reservations and would recommend to anyone and may do it again in the future.
The hike was a physical and mental challenge but worth it till the end. I cannot ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 29 2014-8

Left my heart in Machu Picchu

The 4 day Inca Trail trek is difficult to put into words but simply put, it was Amazing ! It will test you physically and mentally but every single moment is worth it :) The tour guides are one of a kind and know how to make this a special trip.
This is not a trip you will regret ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 29 2014-9

One foot in front of the other

When my boyfriend and I first booked our trip to Peru we knew we wanted to do the 4 day Inca Trail trek... what we didn't know is that you need to book 2-4 months in advance. When I found out I called my boyfriend and he booked us a trek within the hour. Although I was skeptical, I can ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 29 2014-10

The best memories are something that you can proudly wear

Even saying good stuff about a 4 day tour in the middle of the jungle, walking 6 to 8 hours a day in a typical Inca's path, drinking the same hot water with tea, powder chocolate or milk, using toilets that doesn't deserve this appellation, and sleeping in a cold tent. Anyway, this is more than that ! It will ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 29 2014-10

A walk to remember

My girlfriend and I were a little skeptical about having booked the Inca Trail trek during rainy season. We were a little nervous about what was in store for us but the trek was everything anyone could ever ask for and then some.
The guides were excellent and brought smiles to our faces despite tough times through out the ... Continue Reading