Peru vacation December 31 2015-3

Sexy awesommmmee llamas

It was cool not only to enjoy the Machu Picchu but also to enjoy the view, friends, and even the high altitude illnesses.
I remember the time today that we had to wait for the opening of the Gate to the sun gate. We were tired, we were cold but as soon as the gate opened, we ran to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 31 2015-3

The most challenging start to the new year

The four days of the inca trail Hike with Inca Trail Reservations have been an unforgettable experience.
Our guides Paul and Marco made the challenging trek so exciting and educating with their great knowledge of Incan history and the sites. Also the unbelievably strong and sweet staff made the trip In the wilderness so much more bearable, even almost ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 29 2015-2

road up and down from clouds

So what I have figured from this adventure is that going up is way more challenging not just in life but also on the track. In regards of Machu-Pichhy inca trail itself combination of natural and human created beauty is indescribably beautiful.
First day was "easy" that's what our guide - Paul keep telling us while we ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 31 2015-5

4 days & 3 night to change your life

As with any great adventure, the Guides and the people make the experience unique! The inca trail is not an easy Hike and being a smoker, I wanted to rémember what having a healthy set of lungs was like.
4 days of hiking without smoking hás definitely added perspective to the length of my own life and how much ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 29 2015-1

It’s all about the journey

It was a great experience. I was really proud of myself at the end of each day. Especially day two- climbing stars is especially hard for me.
There were great views, amazing stories, and great guides. I think it was not as much about getting to Machu Picchu but about enjoying every moment of the trip itself: nature, ruins, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 31 2015

Adventuras con Paul y Marco

Since I was a little girl I have wanted to visit MachuPicchu and my dream finally came true. I didnt come on this amazing adventure with a lot of knowledge of the Inkas and their amazing story.
The knowledge that Paul and Marco provided our tribe (family) which is what we ended up being at the end of this ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 31 2015-1

Best thing this side of the Andes

I knew almost nothing about Machu before the trip, but it was always on my girlfriends bucket list.
The trek itself challenged me in ways I didn't anticipate and I can honestly say I don't know that I could have done it without the encouragement of the guides and the new friends we made during the trip.
I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 31 2015-8

Fin de año de sombreros amarillos

Fue una experiencia increíble, empezando desde el primer día con la introducción y la llegada, Paul y Marco hicieron de nuestro viaje algo sumamente divertido y entretenido. Nunca había pasado un fin de año solo si conocidos, familiares o amigos; por lo cual pensé que sería algo difícil. Pero fue todo lo contrario, en realidad el grupo se convirtió en ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 31 2015-1

In the footsteps of gods

The Inca trail was an incredible experience. The food was shockingly good, the guides informed and the views breathtaking. With each step on the Incan trail, I felt knots of stress untying and I knew it was special.
It felt as if the mountain was willing me forward with each step. Each corner revealed a new ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 30 2015

Adventure of a Lifetime

My Inca Trail and Machu Picchu experience was great thanks to the Inca Trail Reservation company.
Our journey started in Cusco and ended with a tour of Machu Picchu. The staff was fantastic, especially our guide Juana (AKA "Mamma"). The tents were very spacious and the food was delicious. We also hiked up Huayna Picchu to see a view ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 30 2015

Kuchy Watu

I had an incredible adventure on the Inca trail. The scenery, company, porters, and tour guide helped give me the experience of a lifetime.
Although the trail was tough at times I was always happy and in awe of the scenery. We had a great time both in the camp and while walking up and down the mountain. I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 20 2015

Crazy rooster

I enjoy challenging myself physically, this trip was the perfect way of doing so. It not only allowed me to travel in a beautiful landscape, but introduced me to likeminded people with whom I bonded in a special way, never to forget the great times we had together.
Not only my fellow travelers, but also the staff of Inca ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 30 2015

Crazy Rooster

I had the time of my life on the trail! The porters and the guide made the Hike a blast. We spent New Year's Eve on the mountain and they made it one of the best New Year's I've had.
The food was amazing and was better than the food I cook at home & better than the food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 29 2015-1

Luis :) :)

The tour was very challenging. But the views and experiences could not be achieved without the sweat and pain.
The food was various and it amazing what a good Cook can make on such a trip. The organization of the trip was very good.we get all needed information in advance, so we could prepare for the trek in advance. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 29 2015-3

Great time

It was agree at time from biting to end. Perfect does not begin to describe the service and experience.
The food was amazing and nothing could be said more about the porters and chef. Their stamina was amazing!!!. From asparagus soup to final tea we had the best service. We had a wonderful time and would do it again ... Continue Reading