Machu Picchu vacation January 10 2015

Los belgas en el Camino Inka

This once in a life time experience was the best I had in my life, and I mean it ! The trek was demanding but amazing and the ruins made all the way look like a road to haven.
I've been waiting for a long time to visit Machu Picchu and when I heard about the Inca Trail I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 10 2015

Chinese people in Peru

4 days, you will meet a lot of friends, and they have very good guild, the food also good, they will provide water after first day. There were not too many Chinese people, most of people from South America, so if you can speak some Spanish, it will be very well.
I lived with one person from Switzerland, and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 10 2015-1

The women in white

La experiencia fue muchísimo mejor que la esperada. Los guías nos recibieron con mucha alegría y se empezó el viaje con mucha emoción. El clima por suerte nos favoreció mucho, de noche llovía y de día estaba despejado y se podía apreciar el camino mucho mas !
Hilton, el guía, fue muy amable y me espero cada vez que ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 10 2015-8

4 dias passam rapido

Quando comecei essa aventura, acreditava ser mais fácil. Nāo imaginava que voltaria com bolhas no pė, dor no joelho, nem que os 10 km poderiam ser tāo longos e cansativos. Mas depois de quase 10.000 degraus subidos e descidos, mais de 2.000 m de altitude e falta de ar; os sítios arqueológicos compensaram todo o esforço.
Os lugares sāo ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 10 2015-5

Trilha maravilha

Desde o princípio, estava com dúvidas se conseguiria fazer a trilha até fim. Fui para o primeiro dia depois de aproveitar a noite de Cusco (no Mamma Africa) até as 3h da manhã. Ainda assim, foi possível passar por este dia tranquilamente, mas não estava preparado para o segundo dia, este sim é só para os fortes. Mas os guias ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 10 2015-4

Encontrando Pachamama

Devo dizer que achei que seria facil fazer uma trilha de 4 dias até Machu Picchu, talvez porque estivesse acostumado com trilhas brasileiras onde a maior parte do tempo estamos andando no plano ou em morros muito baixos comparado aos Andes, a verdade e que a Trilha se mostrou muito desafiadora e gracas ao excelente tratamento dos guias, a disposicao ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 09 2015-1

Pumas y tortugas

We had a wonderful adventure with Victor and the Inca Trail Reservations crew. We were treated to four amazing days of hiking, great views, excellent food, and the perfect day at Machu Picchu !
Our team of porters and our cook were all great. They made sure that we were well taken care of the entire trip. It ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 09 2015-3

Perfectly planned

Inca Trail Reservations planned the trek perfectly and transportation, administrative and misc was all handled very well. I had an amazing time with the Inca Trail Reservations tour guides, porters, and the chef was amazing. The tour guide (Victor) tried his best to make our trek as pleasant and informative as he could. Amazing guide !
The tents and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 09 2015-2

Challenging and fun

The Inca Trail was very challenging and fun ! Our guide was very knowledgeable about the trail and history of the area and was really encouraging throughout the journey. Aside from a bit of rain we had great weather and clear views of the different valleys and mountains.
We encountered a variety of wild life and birds and our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 09 2015-2

Great hike

The Inca Trail is great. Very beautiful hike with some wicked elevation climbs. The food was awesome and our guide Victor was very knowledgeable, spoke very good English and was great to have him on our trek. The campsites are beautiful and the views while hiking are great.
All the history you learn along the way is awesome as ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 08 2015-4

Journey to Machu Picchu

I want to start by saying thanks to everyone that took part on organizing this amazing trip for our group. Juan Carlos is a really good tour guide. Walking the Inca Trail comes as a second nature to him. He has a vast amount of knowledge regarding the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. The way he carried himself, and patience ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 07 2015-2

Blazing the Inca Trail

When I heard my brother was traveling to Peru to visit Machu Picchu, I knew I had to tag along. I had heard so many great things from people who had visited there before and had to see it for myself. This was my first time traveling on my own so I was a bit nervous about what kinds of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 07 2015

Better than I expected

Before signing up for this hike I had very little experience with hiking, so I was a bit nervous. I arrived to Cusco a few days early so that I could get used to the elevation, and got to explore around the city. Not only were the people friendly and welcoming, but the atmosphere and night life were amazing as ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 09 2015

Turtles on parade

An amazing trip with an amazing team ! Victor had stories about the area, history, local flora and fauna and some good jokes. He kept us happy, safe, engaged, and entertained. The porter team was fantastic. We had the strongest "pumas" to carry the tents, tables, chairs, etc. so helpful and efficient, always polite. I've got huge respect for them. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 04 2015-10

Family trip

I did the Inca Trail with my family and it was quite an experience. Our guide Juan Carlos is extremely knowledgeable and allowed me to understand the history behind our journey to Machu Picchu. The food was amazingly delicious. I have to say I totally under estimated the Inca Trail. It was much more difficult than imagined.
The second ... Continue Reading