Peru travel November 04 2017


I had a really experience with Inca Trail Reservations . The whole shebang was organised very well , the tour guide Juan Carlos Cruz was very knowledgeable and passionate about the inca culture which was infectious , . He was great at keeping a good pace for the whole group on the trail . The family ethos with the porters ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 04 2017

Unique, magique!

Des amis nous avaient conseillé cette aventure avec Inca Trail Reservations et franchement je ne m'attendais pas à autant de magie.
Le trail est magnifique, les guides etaient extraordinaires, sans parler du travail des porteurs et des cuisiniers. Nous nous sommes regalés avec des plats delicieux pendant ces 4 jours. Les sites incas tout au long du trail ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 04 2017-4

Davy jones

In all my life I have never had such an enjoyable experience and I can not think of a better way or better company to guide me through this gem of Peru. From the very start our guides Paul and Jimmy were two of the funniest and most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and myself ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 04 2017-1

Sexy Llama

The last four days have been unbelievable, the trail was harder than i could have imagined but so much more rewarding too! Paul and Jimmy were amazing guides, so helpful and full of local knowledge. Their humour made the trek more bearable when things got tough too. The tour of Machu Picchu (as well as the other inca ruins) were ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 02 2017

Coco leafs are a lifesaver

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe what an incredible journey the Inca Trail was. My biggest fear was getting altitude sickness. After our indepth briefing from Juan, our tour guide, I knew that no matter what, I was in good hands. Our first day was blessed with no rain, lots of sun and a nice steady ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 02 2017-2

Conquering Dead Woman´s Pass

We did the Inca Trail and visited Machu Picchu . We had the most amazing experience . Our tour guide ( Juan) was the best, very knowledgeable and patient ! . He provided natural remedies ( coco leaves mixture, etc . .) to help us hiking at such a high altitude and encouraged us all the way . I am ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 02 2017

Juan crazy adventure

The whole trip has gone way beyond my expectation.
From the getting picked up at the start I felt looked after and couldn't have wished for anything to have gone any other way.
I was worried about not being able to keep up with the group but from the start Juan let us walk at our own pace ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 02 2017

We love Juan

I cant believe how much the trip exceeded my expectations. From the very first to the very last minute it was absolutely amazing.
We didnt have a thing to worry about, the crew looked after us so well and it really was a life changing experience.
Seeing how hard the porters work was so moving, they ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 30 2017

Paul kicks poop

it was sush an amizung fun trip. we hiked all ove the moutains and in the amazon and in the cloud forest. we got to see so many ruins.
Paul was very funny and nice and smart and loves his job. Jimmy was so kind and and alway took the best pictures. the porters were the rimost hard ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 30 2017

best trip ever

the trip was great from start to finish. Paul was very passionate about his history and knowledgable about everything we passed.
Jimmie made us feel right at home. it was the experience of a lifetime. we did this for my birthday and i had no regrets. gettinjg to see all of the ruins instead of just going to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 29 2017-1

todo excelente

Juan Carlos dio una información muy detallada sobre el camino inka . La experiencia fue maravillosa ! . Juan carlos y jackson hicieron que disfrutemos cada momento , la compañía hizo cargo de todo y nos trato como reyes . Los Porteadores y los cocineros realmente pusieron mucho esfuerzo en darnos una comida variada y deliciosa que no imaginas en ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 29 2017-1

Amazing! inka trail!

Juan Carlos was an excellent guide askind us how we felt and explained all the Inka sites . The variety was incredible ! . chocolate cake ?! In the forest ? ! amazing !! . Fabian was such a hard worked, we never saw him . Great Chef . Lots of different and energy filled food . Sleeping bag was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 25 2017

Inka Trail experience

The guia Juan Carlos was fantastic , I feel very lucky to have him as our guide . He was encouraging , knowledgable , fanny , positive and very helpful . Thank you Juan Carlos !! . Jackson was wonderful as well . I was blown away by the variety and quality of the meals . Its really exceeded my ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 29 2017-3

La experiencia mas grande de mi vida

Créanme que fue la experiencia mas grande de mi vida , tengo cuatros hijos y de seguro el próximo año repetiremos la experiencia y espero que sea con el mismo grupo de guías y personal . El guia Juan Carlos , es muy conocedor sobre la historia Inka, siempre atento .
Señores no puedo agregar recomendaciones porque todo ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 30 2017-2

Una maravilla Imperial

La experiencia con Inca Trail ha sido increíble. desde el primer día hasta el ultimo he disfrutado de una travesía a través de parajes que nunca había pensado encontrar encontrar .
Tanto el camino durante cuatro días como cada trayecto y cada estancia después de un día duro ha sido todo una ex experiencia que lle vare toda ... Continue Reading