Peru vacation July 21 2017


For me this was an amazing experience. Had been planning it for a long time and had built a lot of anticipation and the trip did not disappoint.
Simply breathtaking. Our guides Cesar and Derex were really great. They were both very prepared about the trek and were ready to answer any question that we had. They also made ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 18 2017

Watching birds with Everth

We felt v ery well informed , he explained all our options and made us exalted to begin . Awesome , he answered all the questions and asked .
Another things and really liked an that he gave us a lot of freedom , everyone just walked his own face . Also had a lot of ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 17 2017-1

A gay day in Peru

From day one everything run like clockwork, i would highly recommend this company to anyone, very professional in every respect. The trek is so well organise from our tour guide Juan Carlos to the cooks ! .
The food was amazing how they provide this on a mountain side is unbelievable . The trek route is excellent . We ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 19 2017-4

Heaven and underworld

Inca trail was excellent. Day 1 was pretty easy. It had small scale ascent and descent. Day 2 was most difficult. It was uphill for 5 hours.
But the dead woman pass was awesome at 4200 metre. U can see the glaciers on one side and a valley on another side. Then u go down to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 19 2017

Downhill – the descent into hell

The trek was existing, exhausting and adventurous. To be true i enjoyed the hike through the inca trail more than the actual Machu Pichu site itself.
Specially the moment when we reached the top of the hill and sight there was just spectacular. The food was simple but delicious( though it could just be that I was just ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 19 2017-1

Break your legs on the stairs trail

My first backpacking experience turned out really well. A knowledgeable and experienced guide and a really good chef made it easy to survive.
It was a gradual increase in difficulty each day which in the end made it feel like we have accomplished something. It was good to know the history of the incas while exploring the mountains, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 19 2017-1

Meeting pachamama

Tiring! but oh so satisfying. The porters and tour guide took really good care of us. The chef cooked really tasty food.
There were some communication problems but nothing major. Anybody wanting to come here and do the inca trail is recommended to learn basic Spanish. Every day was an energetic beginning and reaching a campsite at the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 19 2017


I only heard of inca trail as one of the best hikes from internet without knowing the history, because of Marco I got to learn a lot about inca's and their history.
It was the most amazing trek that i ever went on even though it was very streaneous, view of the mountains, history lessons from ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 17 2017-3

Irish gays on tour

Coming here from panama with my best friend was a time of pressure for both. From the moment we met juan carlos, took the bus through the winding roads and intimidated by the route ahead, silently eyeing our trek partners, we had no idea of what was ahead and the experience we were to encounter. Fast forward to where we ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 15 2017

When do we go down in altitude

The first day was spectacular. I was struggling with the altitude but its not the companies fault. I wish at high camp we had a small furnace for the tea room.
Juan Carlos did an excellent job. Great communication. He explained each days itinerary in detail and always left a surprise for each day. The second ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 17 2017

Tony’s Trek

The Salkantay trek was amazing. Inca Trail Reservation's had the best crew to take us through the adventure. We had a guide, horseman, chef, and assistant chef.
We always felt safe and our guide was very knowledgable and experienced and always put his tourists first. He was alwaysnthere for us and informong us of all nature, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 15 2017

Great trek over Salkantay

I booked a July trip to Machu Picchu via the Salkantay trek. We were two of a group of six. The tour guide Jian Carlos was excellent. He fully briefed us before departure and assisted us with everything to get prepared for the trek.
Salkantay trek is very arduous and several members of our party suffered ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 17 2017

El matadora

The trip was more than i ever expected. Every day progressively got better and more exciting. Our guide's knowledge about the trail was impeccable.
I learned so much about peru, cuzco, and machu pichu. The people of cuzco and machu pichu were vey kind. If i could stay here i would. The first day was very cold. The ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 16 2017-1

Sexy Magic Gringos

Henrry was an extraordinary leader on our trek to Machu Picchu. He consistently reminded us of the history of the sacred place on which we walked, and always made us feel welcome as family in Peru.
We did not feel out of place at any point, and we were very lucky to have him, Santos, Faustino, and Onorato ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 16 2017

Magic Gringos

Wow!! I didnt know i would learn and see so much. Amazing tour! Henrry and the crew were outstanding. I especially loved going to the sacred lakes, when henrry taught us about mother nature and the spirit ceremony.
The food was also delicious. Chicken, omeletts, and vegetables were healthy and tasty. I thought the accomodations and ... Continue Reading