Sexy Guinea pigs

Milton and Henry were great from the beginning to the end. They educated us and made us feel welcomed. Everything we needed they could handle from the food, safety and accommodations. I felt that Henry was very knowledgable and genuine. I wouldn't want anyone else to guide me through the inca trail and I'd recommend him to anyone. Milton was ... Continue Reading

The headache

The first day was fairly easy up to lunch, then we headed up to a lake at 4200m which got the pulse going in the ears but had awesome views. The wake up on the second day was fairly savage with the cold, but was helped by the coca tea passed into the tent. The second day offered amazing views ... Continue Reading

Saved by the Candy

Great experience trekking for the first time in Peru. Great guide, great cook and horseman. Cold, altitude sickness and bad stomach after the first night leaving me crawling up to the highest point, but was saved by a sugar boost from some candy, was definitely worth it and would do it again. Rest of the trek at lower altitude was ... Continue Reading

Inca trail

Tres belle aventure. Quatre jours difficiles mais inoubliables!
Paysages splendides. Montees et descentes eprouvantes. Sites incas sur tout le trajet. Une imerssion complete dans la civilisation incas. Tout vela accompagne de Miguel et de son equipe de porteurs et cuisinier qui ont fait un travail incroyable partant apres nous pour tout ranger, nous ratrapant en cours de route Avec ... Continue Reading


Expérience inoubliable tant par la souffrance endurėe que par la beautėe des paysages. Dėbuts difficile avec le guide car notre programme initial n avait pas ėtė respectė, mais Miguel a tout fait pour revenir au programme initial. Donc...bravo ! Dommage que tous les porteurs doivent partir de Wayni wayna tôt le matin et que nous soyons obligės d attendre dehors ... Continue Reading

Classic Inca trail June 16

We had a superb time, highly recommend the trek. We paid for a porter from day 2, which allows you to enjoy the trip much more with less weight on your back! Our guide and porters really looked after us, and everything well organised.
The views along the way are amazing, and Machu Picchu at the end was ... Continue Reading

Classic Inca trail June 2016

We started our trek on June 9th and it started off easy but got harder on days 2 and 3. However on day 4, when the clouds cleared and the sun lit up Machu Picchu, every step and struggle was worth it. The porters and chef at inca trail reservations looked after us well as well as Miguel who was ... Continue Reading


This was the most amazing experience of Peru. Everything from my wonderful guide Juana to the breathtaking views along the trek. I am so happy to have done and accomplished such a trek. The biology and history of the inca culture is fascinating. I have learned so much. I learned about native plants, historic structures, and in a traditions. The ... Continue Reading

Amazing adventure, patient guide

The Inca trail is very well organized. Porters and guides take care about you and whatever you need. The food is very good. Porters bring everything: gas, all raw food such as rice, vegetables, meet, fish etc.. No conserved food. They prepare everything for you, then run to another camp with 25 kg on their shoulders before you arrive to ... Continue Reading

Speedy Gonzales – Dream come true

I have dreamt of going to Machu Picchu since I was a child - and this trip was everything I wanted it to be and more.
They called me Speedy Gonzales because I was so excited, I was urging us to go fast through the trail. We did a two-day hike and visited Winaywayna on the way. This ... Continue Reading

Fast pass

We had a great time hiking with with Juana! Our group was the last one to start the trail today.
She told us she had done the trail in 2 hours with a marathoner as her hiking record, so that motivated us to keep a good pace. Two altitude pills later, and passing up groups of ... Continue Reading

When old people kick your butt on the trails

Hiking the Salkantay trail was the most wild adventure of my life! Not only was the trek amazing, but the group and guides from Inca Trail Reservations were absolutely incredible. The first day was the easiest, mostly because I had fresh legs and we weren't too high in altitude. The second day was the toughest. I struggled hiking up that ... Continue Reading

Heavy on the oxi shots & coka please

When asked to share some words about my experience on the salkantay trail, instantly I was brought back to the sensation of not being able to breathe. I mean this literally and figuratively. The views I saw whilst experiencing a lack of oxygen was overwhelming. Luckily, shoutout to my dad, we purchased cans of oxygen called, oxishots. Instantly filling your ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 19 2016

Survival if We Can

I live in the Rockys and have explored the world. Yet I have never seen or experienced anything like this before. From the top of ice capped mountains to the sweating jungle I will never forget The Salkantay Trek with Inca Trail Reservations !.
I came on my honeymoon and we were able to experience our first ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 28 2016-1

Coca Cola !!

When people show you pictures of Machu Picchu, you appreciate the beauty - but you don't quite understand the big picture until you live it through a journey like this.
I was completely blown away by the scenery, the culture, the history, and overall atmosphere that I was able to experience during the four day hike. As ... Continue Reading