Machu Picchu travel June 19 2016

Sexy Pumas

Mucho wow!!!! This was an incredible adventure with our trail family. Henry was funny, supportive and very knowledgeable about all things Incan.
He's clearly passionate about being a guide, in teaching, and bringing us together as a family. He's also very funny. Milton was a supportive and considerate assistant. Both guides did an excellent job interacting with our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 10 2016-1

epic adventure

We really enjoyed our inca trail trek with Inca Trail Reservations. Everth was great guide , very informative and fun .He medonstrates a love for the traikl through his knowledge , and show respect for all whom he is in contact with . Along with the beautiful scenery , he helped to make the Inca trail an epic adventure !!. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 10 2016-1

Great great trail

We booked our reservations by internet and we had an inmediate response, she supplied us with through information and instructions regarding the process.
Two day before our hike, we met with our guide, Everth . He gave anticipatory guidance regarding general information and our days on the Trail. The prters arrived to our stops before we did ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 19 2016-4

Trek the Pachamama!

This was a wonderful experience and a perfect prequel for the Machu Picchu visit. The Inca trail was fully booked, but this turned out to be a great alternative.
We enjoyed amazing views and scenarios of all kinds. Waking up at the feet of a mighty glacier to climb to 4.600 meters above sea level and then ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 19 2016-8


The trek was great. We had the chance to see fabulous, incredible, and different views each day!!.
The 2nd day is hard but not impossible with a good team to support you, everyone can do it. Also you had the option to take a horse if it's necessary. We were the best team, amigos!! Mauchu Pichu is a special ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 19 2016-4

The best

I think this trekking was very funny and exhausted, but in general was very good. I think inca trail agency is the best agency.
The porters was funny and attended. The food was very good. I would like to contact this agency but in bad case I contact peru agency. I know need friend and have good new ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 19 2016-9

Horseback riding to the hugest point

After arriving in Cuzco less than 24 hours before the start of the trek, we ventured into the unknown that was the Salkantay Trail.
The first day was very hard as i was unprepared for the altitude or the cold, but our guides Victor, Frank, and Jackson were so encouraging and positive that i finished the first day ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 19 2016-6

Still can’t breathe

For really not knowing what was ahead of me, I was accommodated well and did not dread each new day.
My sister and I got along with the other hikers and our guides are the only reason we made it through each hike. Although it was cold, the hikes were long, and there was almost no air going in ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 17 2016-2

Blistered feet in Tihuantinsuyu

Overall the trip was a great experience and a dream come true after teaching about the Inca for 12 years.
My favorite part of the trek was taking a break along the path to listen to our knowledgeable tour guide talk about the environment and history. Our tour guide also did a fabulous job of meeting the needs of ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 17 2016

You can do it

All the day were different, what is nice but also difficult. The second day was for me too much. I really liked the landscape and since it it only once in a lifetime I wish I had more time to enjoy this.
The top of the Salcantay was beautiful but for me there was not a lot of time ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 17 2016-2

What an adventure!

The trip is so unforgettable and amazing. It gave me pain, hopeless and brave. At the first day on 3800m camping place, I felt it was my worst day in my life due to my horrible high attitude sickness.
I was hopeless at that since we had to hike up to 4600m on the next day and I did ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 17 2016-1

Learned to live half alive

I was almost died from the second and the third day hiking. As the weakest member in the team,I kept holding the whole group back. But thanks to the support from our guide Ever and other members, I'm glad that I made it. I was so proud of myself when I made to the summit!
My best part was ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 17 2016

The first trek is the greatest

I enjoyed the trek a lot! Because it was my first hike it was quite tough but I was surprised with how challenging yet satisfying the experience was for me. I enjoyed the flow of events also.
Day 2 was most challenging and days 3 and 4 were more relaxed with more time to rest and enjoy the scenery. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 17 2016

Just when you think going up is bad….downhill happens

The Salkantay trek has been an amazing and unforgettable experience. Our trek guide was extremely knowledgable and excited to be leading our group.
Even when part of the group was having difficulty with the trek, he kept a good attitude and motivated everyone to keep going and make it to the next point! This trek was definitely a challenge, ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 17 2016

Andean Aches or my whole body hurts

Overall it was a great experience. I found day two to be really challenging and long. However, I was surprised with my ability to overcome that challenge despite how much my body hurt at the end of the day.
Fortunately, the hot springs on day three provided some much needed relaxation and rest. I very much enjoyed the ... Continue Reading